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"Nascent" image


Nascent (early view of the Nanocosm). Digital print 120 x 120 cm.





Exhibition at the Justin Art House Museum


I have a small work from my Difference Engine series in the current exhibition at the Justin Art House Museum (JAHM) in Prahran, Melbourne. The exhibition is entitled "Digital: The World of Alternative Realities" and is drawn from the JAHM collection.


The exhibition continues until 4th June 2017. Entry is by registration through the JAHM website at www.jahm.com.au.




Generative art in Italy


In December 2016 I attended the 19th Generative Art conference and exhibition, held in Florence. I presented a small version of my real-time work Nanocosm


These conferences have been held every year since 1998, usually in Milan; this is the first time I have attended one. An enjoyable experience, with people from many different countries. Much of the work was "applied", concerning architecture, art to improve the quality of life in nursing homes, and so on, though there was some art for art's sake.


Website: http://www.generativeart.it/.



Anita Traverso - Pop-up gallery in Prahran


Anita Traverso has organised a pop-up gallery in Prahran, at the Hunter apartment development. I have some works there.


Where: Hunter apartment project, entry at the end of Percy Place, off Porter St Prahran (very near Prahran railway station).


Hours by appointment. More details at http://www.anitatraversogallery.com.au/Exhibitions/ATG-pop-up.aspx.



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