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Nanocosm 1 (Detail)


Detail from Nanocosm 1




My PhD exhibition


It's finally happening!


Where: Monash University Caulfield campus (next to Caulfield station). I am in the MADA Faculty Gallery on the ground floor of Building G (not to be confused with MUMA, which is in Building F).


When: August 10-16. Gallery hours are 10am-5pm Mon-Fri. The gallery will also be open on Saturday 13th August, 10am-12noon.


I expect to be at Caulfield pretty much throughout the duration of the exhibition, including the weekend viewing on the Saturday morning.



Anita Traverso - Pop-up gallery in Prahran


Anita Traverso has organised a pop-up gallery in Prahran, at the Hunter apartment development. I have some works there.


Where: Hunter apartment project, entry at the end of Percy Place, off Porter St Prahran (very near Prahran railway station).


Hours by appointment just now, but there will be regular opening hours soon.


More details at http://www.anitatraversogallery.com.au/Exhibitions/ATG-pop-up.aspx.



Some other news items are in Gordon's blog.



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