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Talk on my work at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, 5 August 2017.

Talk on my work at Melbourne Media Lab's OpenLAB, held at ACMI-X, Melbourne, 27 June 2017.

Floor talk on my work at the art exhibition for the 19th Generative Art Conference, Florence, Italy, 16 December 2016.

Presentation on generative art and on my work at Anita Traverso Gallery (Richmond, Melbourne) as part of the Globelight 2013 Festival, 3 August 2013.

Presentation entitled "The Abstraction of Behaviour" at the conference 100 Years of Abstract Art at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, May 11 2013.

Presentation on generative art and on my work at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery, 14th April 2013.

Presentation at the Conference of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, Sydney, 12th July 2012.

Presentation entitled "The Digital Image in the Age of Computer Agency" at the Impact 7 conference, Monash University, Melbourne, 29th September 2011.

Click to reveal textSome articles

Gordon Monro, "Evolutionary Art: DNA and Selection" (video presentation), GASATHJ: Generative Art Science and Technology Hard Journal, 29 May 2017. http://www.gasathj.com/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=63.

Gordon Monro, "The Role of Mathematics in Nanocosm", 19th Generative Art Conference, Florence, Italy, 2016. Available at http://www.generativeart.com/ under "GA2016 papers"; scroll down to "Artworks".

Gordon Monro, "The Abstraction of Behavior", in Practices of Abstract Art: between Anarchism and Appropriation, ed. Isabel Wünsche and Wiebke Gronemeyer (Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016), 139–157.

Jon McCormack, Oliver Bown, Alan Dorin, Jonathan McCabe, Gordon Monro and Mitchell Whitelaw, "Ten Questions Concerning Generative Computer Art", Leonardo 47, no. 2 (2014), 135–141. A draft of the text is here.

Gordon Monro, "What is Generative Art?", Globelight 2013 Catalogue, (Melbourne: www.globelight.com.au, 2013), 12–15. A copy of the text is here (PDF).

Gordon Monro, "The Image in the Age of Computer Agency", Intersections and Counterpoints: Proceedings of the Impact 7 International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference, ed. Luke Morgan, (Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2013), 358–363. A draft of the text is here.

Alan Dorin, Jonathan McCabe, Jon McCormack, Gordon Monro and Mitchell Whitelaw, "A framework for understanding generative art", Digital Creativity 23 (2012), 239–259.

Click to reveal textNotes on works

Each work has some information on its web page. The notes here are additional.

Note on Veronica: Contact of Worldlines (2019).

A short catalogue essay on Nanocosm (PDF), for my exhibition in Stephen Mclaughlan Gallery (2017).

Notes on Nanocosm (2017).

Note on multi-level hexagonal grids (2017).

Click to reveal textNotes on art and the artworld

What’s in a name? (What do I call myself?) (2018)

J.W. Power's book on the mathematics of pictorial construction (2012)

What’s in a name? (What is computer art?) (2011)

Click to reveal textNotes on computing

In my practice I set up systems in the form of computer programs that then generate my artworks. Here are some comments and reflections on my computing practice.

C, programming language of the year (2018)

The popularity of programming languages (2012)

A personal history of computing hardware (2012)

There is no free lunch in the jungle (2012)

Click to reveal textOther

The catalogue essay (PDF) for the exhibition Without a Shadow of a Dao at Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond, Melbourne, 2014; the exhibition included my work The Limits to Growth. Written by Irina Asriian, who curated the exhibition.

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